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If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then come have a visit with our Health Coach Melissa.
She will definitely help you find an answer to your illness and help put on the right track to Whole Life Natural Healing the way our Creator planned for us. All Natural Holistic Healing will help your body heal from the inside out, with no band-aids or temporary fixes. If you are serious about your health then take that first step and make a commitment to get yourself well and on the right track to healing.
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Adding cupping or hot stones to any massage will dramatically inhance the effect of the session. Cupping will help bring necessary healing blood and other fluids to an injured sight. Hot Stones will allow deep heat to penetrate to the muscle tissue. Over all effects of both modalities are extremely beneficial.  


LDT or Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is not a massage, however, it is a
 non-evasive, very light touch technique that when done right, moves out or reroutes stagnant lymph fluid in all parts of the body. Below is a list of just some of the issues that LDT can be very beneficial in helping to heal or alleviate.
 *acne                       *headaches
*rosacea                   *migraines
*seborrhea                *vertigo
*wrinkles                   *cerebal palsy
*skin complexion      *facial neuralgia or paralysis
*bags under eyes      *Parkinson's Disease
*adipose cellulite       *MS
*constipation             *memory disorder
*gastritis                   *Peripheral nerve disorder
*colitis                      *epilepsy
*IBS                         *Visual acuity
*Diverticulitis             *glaucoma
*pancreatitis              *cataracts
*Celiac disease          *macular degeneration
*hemorrhoids              *retinitis pigmentosa
*stress                       *neck pain
*fatigue                      *whiplash 
*sleeping disorders     *lumbago (low back pain)
*snoring                     *sciatica
*detoxification            *sprains
*tinnitus                     *hearing loss (otosclerosis)
*bronchitis                 *asthma
*emphysema             *Cystic fibrosis
*Hay fever                 *rheumatoid arthritis
*arthrosis                   *gout
*lupus                       *scleroderma
*Fibromyalgia            *osteoporosis
*bursitis                    *tendinitis
*dislocations             *Carpal tunnel syndrome
*RSDS (reflex sympethetic dystrophy syndrome)
*burns, scars and stretch marks

 Before coming in for an LDT session it is important to not have any alcohol for at least 24 hrs or eat a large meal and you should drink plenty of water to wash out the toxins that we will move through your body and after an LDT session it is very important to drink plenty of water to help get things flushed out. If at any point during the session you need to visit the restroom, please tell your LMT. This is NORMAL.
An  LDT session can be done without removing your clothing so if you need to keep your clothing on for the session we ask that you wear something loose. No blue jeans or tight clothing please.